“We’re the biggest…” “We’re the best…” “Just give us a shot…”

Have you heard these things before? Attorney firms and collection agencies make these claims in order to persuade you to place your debt for collection and then  charge you an exorbitant fee whether your debt is recovered or not.  Not at Manning, Price & Stern. Translation:  NO COLLECTION, NO CHARGE. PERIOD!

We understand your success is our success. Our Advisors formulate a tailored collection strategy that first your needs. Working side by side together as a team, you and your Account Executive create a united front in order to maximize your cash flow and expeditiously collect your delinquent accounts.

Reviewing the following questions will help you to communicate your intentions with one of our seasoned Account Executives.
  • What are your Account Receivables collection needs?
  • What are your expectations and goals while partnering with
    Manning, Price & Stern
  • Is your company restructuring its Account Receivables department? 
  • Is your company experiencing a conversion or acquisition? 
  • Do you endeavor to save time and money on your account placements? 
  • Are the following current and if not do they require updating?
      1. Credit application(s)
      2. Personal Guarantee
      3. Contract(s)
Manning, Price & Stern’s team of highly qualified professionals will mitigate your concerns and are amply equipped to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Your Account Executive is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service.

Manning, Price & Stern’s unique collection techniques in Account Receivables Management, our wide breadth of industry knowledge and education experience in credit and collection laws and having our “finger on the current pulse trends” give us the competitive edge we need to recover your company’s debt.

Contact our Account Executives now to discuss how Manning, Price & Stern will make your company more profitable. Your success starts by aligning yourself with our successful team at Manning, Price & Stern…it’s that simple.